RED JUNGLEFOWL (Gallus gallus) – Moa – (See images below)
DESCRIPTION: The Red Junglefowl male has orange-red crown and neck feathers, a red face, comb and wattles. The long curved black tail has iridescent green and blue tones. The under parts and wings are black and there’s a white patch on the lower back. The sides are a combination of crimson red, black, and long orange feathers. The bill is yellowish and slightly downcurved. The legs have a spur. Both legs and feet are grey. The female is medium brown with a bare red face and throat, and has a small red comb. The male is around 28 inches (70 cm) long, while the female is around 18 inches (45 cm) long.
NAME: As the English name indicates, this bird’s habitat is the jungle forest. The Latin genus name ‘Gallus’ means ‘rooster’.
HABITAT: Forest and their edges, scrubland.
DIET: Seeds, invertebrates, berries.
NESTING: The nest is a depression on the ground hidden in thick understory. Around five beige eggs are laid. Females only are involved in incubation and caring for the chicks.
DISTRIBUTION: The native range of the red junglefowl encompasses India and other southeast Asia countries. This bird was introduced in Hawaii as a source of food by the early Polynesians.
CONSERVATION: The red junglefowl is threatened in its native range by hybridization with domestic chickens, overhunting and loss of habitat. But since it is also found in many areas of the world, it is listed as ‘least concern’ by the IUCN.
NOTES: The Red junglefowl is considered as the main ancestor of the domestic chicken. It has been raised domestically since some 7,000 years. The truly wild junglefowl in Hawaii now only exist in deep forests of Kauai. Elsewhere in that state the birds observed are feral descendants interbred with domestic chickens to varying degrees.
SIMILAR SPECIES: Sri Lankan Junglefowl.

Red Junglefowl hybrid, male juvenile – Aiea Trail, Oahu – © Denise Motard
Red junglefowl hybrid, Aiea trail, Oahu
Red Junglefowl hybrid hen – Kauai, HI – © Denise Motard
Red junglefowl hybrid hen, Kauai, HI
Red Junglefowl hybrid – Kailua, Oahu – © Denise Motard
Red junglefowl hybrid, Kailua, Oahu
Red Junglefowl hybrid chick, Kauai – © Denise Motard
Red junglefowl hybrid chick, Kauai
The first video shows a hybrid red junglefowl male juvenile (the pure ones have dark grey legs). Its comb looks like it was maybe battered in a fight:

This video below actually shows the rooster that crowed in the above video: